Her First Bra Too Soon

Written by Leigh Attaway Wilcox
[ FortWorthChild Magazine, December 2006, page 12]

Recently, popular clothing lines like “Bratz” have started targeting ultra-young girls with breast-enhancing padded bras in Australia at family-oriented Target stores. Are the United States and Texas next?

Target spokesman Joshua Thomas says the new lines of lingerie are only being marketed in Australia and explains that Target Australia is run by an entirely different corporation than U. S. Target stores.

So, does this mean that we are not seeing similar items in Texas ? Not exactly.

Grand Prairie mother of two girls, Kathy Gonzales, shares, “Little girls don't get to be ‘little' very long anymore. I personally would not purchase padded bras or lingerie-type sets for my girls, although my younger one would probably love to have them.”

Monique Thompson, a licensed professional counselor in Flower Mound, warns that by allowing girls to wear this type of clothing, society “is sending a message [to girls] to pay attention to the parts of their bodies which they are not psychologically prepared to pay attention to.” Thompson adds that a young girl “may ask for a padded bra, but she is probably the same kid who is asking for chocolate for dinner.”