The Mom Next Door: Holly Tripp

Written by Leigh Attaway Wilcox
[ DallasChild Magazine, September 2007, page 17, Edited by Shelley Hawes Pate]

Scenes of J.Lo and Matthew McConaughey inevitably arise when one thinks of a modern-day wedding planner. However, this mom's life isn't as glamorous as Hollywood traditionally depicts, Holly Tripp, local event and wedding planner, admits. “Most wedding-planners are sole proprietorships or partnerships,” not big, bountiful corporations. But that doesn't stop this Dallasite from loving what she does. “It's very rewarding. At the end of the day when you've seen all these months and months of planning come together and everyone is joyous and happy—the end result is always fun.”

While she could give Ms. Lopez a run for her money on the big screen with a gorgeous mane of naturally curly hair and beguiling brown eyes tinged by specks of green, Tripp is just the kind of woman to strike up a conversation at the mall while the tots frolic in the play area. She's bubbly, welcoming and friendly. Sweet, little Sydney 's taken a few notes from her Mom; at just 1 year she grins and interacts with everyone within a 5-foot radius.


Tripp enjoyed the planning aspects involved with big corporate events and made the move to the social market a few years ago. Now she primarily takes on weddings and other high-end events. From a glance at the spectacular images from past events on her Web site ( it's clear her passion brings a bride's dreams to life.

In between making important decisions about lobster bisque and the perfect cream-colored linens, Tripp and husband, Dusty, welcomed Sydney with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF). “ Sydney is so much more fun than I every thought she'd be! She's a happy, good baby,” Tripp says. Throughout the IVF process, Tripp made friends with other women going through the same issues and still keeps up with them at a “Girls' Group” dinner every couple of weeks.


With husband, Dusty, focused on the financial market, his work day wraps up when the market closes around 3pm. After spending the morning and early afternoon with Sydney , Tripp heads off to her office in the late afternoon while Daddy takes over parenting duties. For event planning purposes, this arrangement works well—especially with brides, because often times they need to meet in the evenings after their work day is finished. Tripp also works throughout the day, as needed. She makes calls and works on the computer from home while Sydney snoozes. Tripp's mother also factors into the equation when she spends time with Sydney giving Tripp an entire day dedicated to business.

As a self-professed Type-A perfectionist, Tripp admits that keeping up with family, home and work is “continually a work in progress.” Sydney has become priority No. 1, so things like returning phone calls later than she would have pre-Sydney, is just a fact of life. “I find that getting up a little bit earlier, before she wakes up, and trying to be really efficient and quick with things when she naps,” make it all come together. “Every day is different—with my job, as well as raising my child.”


•  Tripp keeps notepad and pen on the bedside table so that she can record burning thoughts and get to sleep.
•  Take friends and family up on offers to help or babysit. They wouldn't offer if they didn't want to help.
•  If you take a vacation that requires air travel with baby, do whatever it takes to upgrade to First Class.