Reading to the precious kids at Grapevine’s Memorial Baptist’s Children’s Day Out Preschool was absolutely wonderful! The kids were well-behaved and adorable; the teachers were welcoming and kind and the school itself is beautiful!

I felt a bit like a celebrity when several of the classes gathered around me after my final reading for pictures with “the author.” It was obvious that some students strategically positioned themselves next to me for the opportunity to dig right into the book and personally move the bandages around post-flash, just before their teachers made them line up . . . other students made my day by deliberately coming close to give me a hug before leaving the room. What a joy it is to read to such sweet, innocent and appreciative children!

 Not only did I have the pleasure of reading my book twice, (first to a group of two and three year olds–second to a group of four and five year olds,) but I also received 26 book orders! Twenty-six!!! I was thrilled–scratch that–I AM thrilled. (When I left Frisco that morning with my remaining stock of 15 books, I figured that if I sold 10 I would be pleased . . . twenty-six orders honestly knocked my socks off.) Now I eagerly await the delivery of my next box of ALL BETTER books (which should be en route as we speak) so that I can finish signing copies and deliver them. And, while I’m there, I’m hoping to get a glimpse of a picture or two taken during my super-star author photo session with the cuties from the CDO.



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