Another successful school visit took place this afternoon with 6 classes of Kindergarten kiddos in Frisco ISD. I am always amused and inspired by school visits. This visit proved especially fun thanks to having my own personal fan club in attendance. [Teeheehee!] Thanks, Melissa, for meeting me at the school and helping to pass out bookmarks and signed books.

After the kind librarian, (big thanks to Nancy Fuller,) asked me to share with the second group of kids how I get new ideas for writing, they listened intently. They all giggled when I shared that some of my best ideas come while I’m in the shower. Then, an adorable little girl in a pink shirt shared with us that she likes to write her ideas down while on her bunk bed! Her enthusiasm and declaration led me to share with them that many of my ideas come when I’m just about to fall asleep, thus it is necessary to keep a pad of paper on my bedside table; sounds like this little girl is going to have to do the same in the future. Who knows, maybe she already does . . .

Here’s to the next generation of writers! I’ll be watching for Little Miss Bunk Bed’s first bestseller in about 25 years.


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  1. DebMc Says:

    You’ll have to pop over to my blog and find a recent post about inspiration and where I get inspired. lol
    I get lots of writing ideas first thing in the morning or while driving. Go figure.

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