Last Friday, we went for a follow-up appointment to see Ethan’s Biomedical Doctor (see my first post on this subject,) Dr. Seshagiri Rao. It was a good visit; Ethan was excited to tell Dr. Rao about his new-found love of the Playhouse Disney website.

Here’s their conversation, as best as I can recall:

“Dr. Rao, I have a new website!”

You have a website?” Looking at Mom and Dad inquisitively and a little surprised.

“Yes! It is Playhouse Disney . . . I can play LOTS of games.”

“Really? Where do you play?”

“On my Dad’s computer–when he’s not working.”

“What’s more important . . . your Dad working or you playing?”

“Working is more important to my Dad; playing is more important to ME!” said with a big grin on his face and hand gesturing first to Greg and then himself.

Needless to say, Dr. Rao was impressed with this great verbal interaction with Ethan! I’ve been seeing lots of improvements with Ethan’s eye contact lately.

On the medical side, we will be making a few changes to Ethan’s protocol. We’ve changed from Nizerol to Diflucan to fight the yeast overgrowth in his system. We also picked up a new probiotic to add to his rotation of probiotics. So, we’ll be using Dr. Edo’s, Pro-Bio Gold and Therbiotic Complete in 2 week rotations to provide all of the good bacteria his system is lacking. I also requested that we add a digestive enzyme in hopes that it will help “break the yeast wall” and aid in getting the Diflucan inside to effectively kill those nasty boogers. Dr. Rao recommended Kirkman’s DPP-IV and we’re giving it “a go.”

We’re also looking to add some L-Theanine and are going to try a spray version called EndoTrex. With lots of issues with compliance and outright defiance lately intermixed with some pretty extreme tantrums and impulsive aggression, Dr. Rao wants us to give the EndoTrex spray at the trigger of behavior. A trial presented itself tonight. Not sure if/how it helped the situation, but I’ll be watching again, closely, the next time a trial presents itself.

Finally, our next biggest concern is ridding Ethan’s body of the Mercury, Lead and Arsenic. We recently did a challenge of DMSA which pulled more of each of the elements, but still not quite enough, so we’re going to do another challenge with EDTA added to see how much is pulled. If the results are good, we will likely begin regular chelation with DMSA (oral) and EDTA (in suppository form) this summer. Otherwise we may need to consider IV forms of chelation, which have proven to be very effective in many families with children like Ethan.

Very effective; that’s exactly what we need and want. Ethan’s system simply has too much Mercury, Lead and Arsenic and cannot process them out without assistance. I pray that we find that “effective” combination of agents soon.

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