We did it! We had a check-up and cleaning at Ethan’s dentist’s office (on Tuesday) with ZERO screaming, no tantrums–not one single tear!

Thanks to his sensory issues and Asperger’s-related fears, Ethan has had a very difficult time in the past during his bi-annual cleanings and exams. After the last uber-stressful exam in October 2007, I *knew* we needed a social storybook on the subject.

Dr. CC (Caleen Cantrell) and her staff at ChildSmile Pediatric Dentistry in Frisco (off of Main and Teel) were fantastic in accommodating me (and my digital camera) last week. After downloading the pix, I created a personalized narrative for Ethan with encouragement and helpful information. “Ethan is Brave at the Dentist” made all the difference in the world to him! We must’ve read it about a dozen times between early Saturday morning and his late morning appointment on Tuesday. (Greg also likes to think that the fact he attended this appointment factored in positively . . . I’m quite certain he’s right.)

Ethan’s wonderful hygienist (Ms. Michelle) glanced over about half-way through the cleaning with a look of happy disbelief. She even managed to obtain FOUR usable x-rays of his teeth and mouth. That’s a first! Greg and I were actually able to see where Ethan’s permanent teeth are patiently waiting to move in as well as his back baby teeth where there are absolutely NO cavities! <Long sigh of relief.>

Hooray! What a difference a BOOK makes . . .

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I’ll be reading ALL BETTER on Saturday, May 3rd, at Frisco’s independent bookseller–The Bookworm. If you can join us at 10:30 am for Story Time, I’d love to see you there. I’ll also get to read another story or two by other fantastic authors while there.

Please feel free to pass this along to any other friends/family you may have in the Frisco area!

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