[See my previous post regarding our ongoing legal battle . . .] 

An update: Our court date has been postponed. The defendants have changed attorneys and guess what?! Their new attorney is not available tomorrow; he has a conflict. <Ugh!> So, I feel compelled to say, yet again, “That’s just not fair!”

Our attorney called just before 5pm Thursday with this “lovely” news. So, while we were hoping to have something amazing to share, we simply don’t. Thanks to EVERYONE who has so kindly kept us in your thoughts and prayers regarding this very frustrating matter. You are all appreciated SO much.

And, as another matter of update, I was far too wishful in my previous post that the hearing would be to “compel” payment . . . this was simply going to be a hearing to compel financial paperwork from the sell of their business so that our attorney could do further digging and work on our behalf. <Double Ugh!>

I can’t help but wonder, Will this go on forever? Will it completely drain our savings in the process?

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