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North Texas SCBWI

I’m always inspired and motivated when I come back from Arlington from meeting with the local chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Today was no different. How refreshing it is to share a room with some of the most talented, generous children’s writers illustrators in the country!

Today was a simple “Critique Meeting” during which members were encouraged to bring a piece of work to share for constructive feedback and comments. (We do this several times a year!) While I didn’t have any work to read for critique, I enjoyed hosting the Orientation Group with new members and visitors. Next month our chapter will have a panel of three successful and knowledgeable members doing a round-table “Shop Talk” and in September we’ll be hosting a big all-day workshop with professional critiques offered for a small fee.

I’m already looking forward to the August and September meetings. For more information, check out our chapter website: www.northtexasscbwi.org and come visit if you’re interested in learning more about or group or writing and/or illustrating for children.

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We’re back!

We’ve actually been back for awhile, but between post-travel laundry and some kind of virus, I’ve been behind on all things “computer.” (Well, to be honest, I’ve been behind on ALL things [period].

Upon arrival to my folks’ house, where one can see their beautiful horses when driving up to the house, Ethan was so thrilled. I thought he might drive my parents insane with the nonstop questions of “Is this Farmington?” during the drive from the airport in Albuquerque to Farmington. The first thing he said once inside their house was, “I’m going to put on my horseshoes and go outside!” (His “horseshoes” are actually the cowboy boots we purchased in December/January so that he could go to the rodeo in style. The boots are a bit on the tight side now, but that didn’t keep him from pulling them on and checking out the beautiful babies and their mamas in the front pasture.) He was digging through our luggage before I could stop laughing about his “horseshoes!”

My brother’s kids each have a kitten, now, too. (That makes four all together!) They were so adorable! (The kids and the kittens, both.) Ethan had some issues with controlling his “urges” to pick up and play rough with the furry, little sweeties, which seems to be an ongoing issue we struggle with in correlation with Asperger’s Syndrome. By the last day of our visit, Ashton’s kitten–Prince–was following Ethan around the deck vying for his attention, though! Guess all of those time-outs and heart-to-heart chats about how to treat a kitten really worked. [Phew.] If I had a dollar for every time I uttered the phrase, “We do NOT __[insert any number of action words]__ the kittens, ” I could pay for the pedicure I so desperately need.

 Ethan absolutely LOVED swimming in the covered pool. He is now much more comfortable maneuvering around by himself in the water and even worked on diving down to retrieve toys in the shallow end. That’s a huge, new accomplishment in my book. Yay for Ethan!

Ethan also got to ride a horse, by himself (with Mary Beth leading,) and helped Papa drive the tractor. Add to that going to see Dr. Q (the Vet) with Jake and Mary Beth and riding along on the golf cart at feeding time–Ethan was simply in heaven. What fun!

Thanks to Mom and Dad & Jake and Mary Beth for a great visit full of great food, fun and festivities. (Everyone worked so hard to facilitate a fun and easy trip for us, complete with making our favorite dishes and even some delicious goodies, to accommodate Ethan’s strict Gluten-free, sugar-free and yeast-free diet.) I appreciate it SO much! Wish we could go back again before school starts.

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