03  Sep
Write What?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the question, “How’s your writing going?” in the past couple of months . . . which is really a nice question. Very nice that people actually care that I LOVE to write and that–when I can–I pour my heart and soul into it.

However, with Ethan home with me 100% for the summer (i.e. no week-long camps, etc.,) I didn’t have any spare time for writing. I didn’t seek any freelance work because I knew that my schedule wouldn’t accomodate it. In fact, the only writing I managed to do was write a book about Ethan for his school’s staff, and a little writing for Ethan’s school PTA.  (I’m the publicity chairperson for the PTA this year and started working on new forms, etc., in July!)

So, while “my writing” is progressing very slow, I’m rather proud about it. I KNOW that this time is fleeting . . . sharing this past summer with Ethan was relaxing and enjoyable. Truth be known, it disappeared in a flash. He has developed a love of reading that I can honestly say developed in a very organic way, thanks to our long hours of devouring books together over the past five-and-a-half years. It won’t be long before Ethan will be asking me to enroll him in week-long summer camps; for all I know it could be next summer! Ethan is my #1 job–my #1 priority. My dedication was to him this summer.

Now that he’s in Kindergarten (full day) I’ll get to focus more on my writing. I’m even going to substitute a bit to earn some extra dough for the family and spend some quality time with the elementary set, but I am a bit sad to say goodbye to this past summer. We “accomplished” so little, but so much, in the big scheme of things. Our mother/son bond has never been so strong. His social skills have continued to develop and he is a total love bug when it comes to me. I love this kiddo more than I ever knew possible. I’m thankful.

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