The saying that grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your own children cracks me up!

There really ARE those days that leave you wondering how things could get any more difficult and why you can’t seem to get it all together (keep the clothes washed and put away, keep the dishes clean, put healthy food on the table, etc.) Reality dictates that things can always get worse and sometimes do; we’ve lived through our share of heartbreak and frustation in the past few years. But, if you’re dedicated to loving and raising your child well–everything falls in place at some point–even if it isn’t in a tidy manner. You can bet it is going to fall out of place again, but if you’re prepared, at least you’re not caught by surprise.

Grandparents have been there . . . they’ve lived through it all (sometimes more than imaginable!) and still choose to be there on the good and bad days to shower grandchildren with love and acceptance. What a gift!

Ethan is blessed to have two very wonderful sets of grandparents who love and adore him. Since we live close to Greg’s parents, they get to see Ethan often. They’re always ready to answer our pleas for baby-sitting services and they make Ethan feel like a king. Ethan’s school invited grandparents to eat lunch with the kids on Friday and Grandpa & Grandma were thrilled to do it. I snapped a few fun photos.

Grandparents Lunch at Sem

Ethan had a hard time saying goodbye, but felt super special thanks to having his grand guests.

Grandparents Lunch at Sem

While my parents are in the far NW corner of New Mexico, they, too, shower Ethan with love and adoration. Anytime we visit them or when they occasionally visit us, Ethan re-bonds with them as if it was only a week since our last visit. Since Papa has a tractor, a golf cart and a four-wheeler, Ethan thinks that HE is the master of all cool vehicles.

Ethan & Papa   

[Can you tell Ethan is happy?]

Ethan & Papa

[What a good sport Papa is!]

Ethan & Papa

[Ethan even gets to operate the barrel sometimes!]

Mam goes out of her way to feed Ethan gluten-free/yeast-free/sugar-free goodies when she’s around and Ethan and his sweet-tooth are absolutely delighted.

Mam & Ethan

[Ethan LOVED having Mam come visit us in June!]

Ethan also has a great-grandmother in Albuquerque who adores him. Grandma ‘Re loves getting pictures in the mail; good thing Ethan is so photogenic! 

Ethan loves his grandparents!

I’m profoundly thankful that Ethan is so blessed. Happy Grandparents Day to Grandma & Grandpa, Mam & Papa  and Grandma ‘Re along with other loving and dedicated grandparents out there. The world is a better place thanks to all of these truly GRANDparents.

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