My witty, sweet cousin, Clay, just found out on Thursday that he has a brain tumor. The tumor is gigantic, taking up about one quarter of his brain, roughly the size of a baseball. Surgery is scheduled for sometime Friday. Clay’s Neurosurgeon is consulting with other experts tomorrow and we should have more details after that.

Clay is married to a beautiful, amazing girl named Shellie and has two precious small children–Brody and Chloe. His parents, my Aunt Libby and Uncle Kenny, are two of the funniest, most in-love people I’ve ever met. Clay has three siblings: Jeff, Jason and Liza, who all adore him as much or more than I do. Your prayers for all of them, and for all the medical staff who will be working with Clay, will be greatly appreciated.

Clay used to live in the DFW area and as a result we became very close. That he is having to go through this just breaks my heart. I’m flying out to be with him and his family on Thursday. I won’t have access to e-mail, but will be glad to answer phone calls to share updates.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and positive thoughts.

With Loving Appreciation,


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