Our good friends, Elaine, Kent, & Isaac graciously invited us to explore the Plano Balloon Festival with them a couple of weekends ago. It was a blast! The boys had a great time and the balloons were nothing short of gorgeous.

Here’s a cute one of the boys early in our outing–

Ethan & Isaac in front of EDS booth/car

Here’s one of me with Ethan just in front of the launch site where moments before the EDS balloon had just floated away–

Ethan & Leigh in front of Launch site

Speaking of the EDS balloon . . . it was gorgeous; see for yourself!

EDS Balloon

And another . . . check out the beautiful clouds, too!

EDS Balloon 2

The kids got to play games and win some cool prizes. They loved the arts & crafts booth where they created some fantastic keepsakes. Below, you can see them dancing with their “shakers” made at the arts & crafts pavillion–

Boys dancing during Glow

Don’t want to over-do-it, but there were a few “favorite” balloons the kids adored.

The Daisy:

Daisy Balloon

The Tree:

Tree Balloon

I’ll stop there! What a great time we had. The boys were both worn out by the time we left. What an adventure . . . Ethan is already asking about going again next year!




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Clay has actually been home for awhile now, because he was doing so very well in the hospital following the surgery! When I spoke with him last, he had a respiratory infection and felt lousy from it. That didn’t stop him from going out to ride Shellie’s bike though! (When I mentioned that he *probably* shouldn’t be doing that with a numb right leg and left hand and some lingering double vision, he said something like, “well, it is just a one speed.”) He’s a little wild, but he always has been. I’m thankful that hasn’t changed but reminded him that the last thing he needs is a bike wreck.

His physical therapists will be coming to his house to work with him again after the respiratory infection clears up. Then maybe he won’t feel the need to go riding bikes without their assistance . . .

I DID get his permission to share the photos I have and he said, “I have even more.” But, let’s start with these. The first is tame–of the hospital only–and the other two are a little more difficult to view if you don’t care for incisions.

Swedish Medical Center

Again, if you don’t handle “medical” stuff very well, no need to scroll down. Otherwise, have a look; it amazes me that he has only the one incision with stitches.

Clay’s Incision

There are 2 staples on top where they removed drainage tubes a day or so after surgery. Poor Clay.What we can’t see are the 20 screws in his skull. Amazing. He is doing simply phenomenal, all things considered!

Clay’s Incision Close Up

Keep on improving Clay!

Thanks to everyone, again, for continued prayers and positive thoughts. I will be thrilled to repay the favor anytime for you or your loved ones.

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