Ethan & Greg at Six Flags

 Ethan has been working to earn a trip to Six Flags by taking his supplements without complaint and in a timely manner. After filling up his sticker chart for doing just that 20 times we headed off to Six Flags last weekend for a day of fun and rewards.

Leigh & Ethan at Six Flags

Ethan loved getting to ride some rides for the first time and was so patient in all of the lines. He acted so big!

Ethan at Six Flags


Ethan at Six Flags


Ethan at Six Flags

    Always the train lover, we spent a lot of time on the train, getting from one side of the park to the other. Before our last train ride as we walked through the line to board the train cars, the engineer blew the whistle and rustled some insects in the bushes we were passing. Poor Ethan was not only surprised by the ear-piercing toot, but he was also stung on the ear! Poor guy. It really hurt; his ear swelled within minutes but we applied ice and a nice lady in front of us had a “Sting Relief” wipe we used. Then we went to the First Aid building where Ethan was given a topical medication which helped the pain and swelling.

Ouch–Ethan’s swollen ear

Just after that he was happy to stand in line for hours for another ride. So, while he was stung, he certainly thought the trip was worthwhile!

Ethan & Greg at Six Flags

We did have fun.

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Today Ethan is wearing his “Future Mr. Right” t-shirt, which is a lovely color of blue (perfect to set off his gorgeous blue eyes) and has a super-cute monkey on the front holding some crayons. Very age appropriate . . . sort of!

We’ve had discussions before about what exactly “Future Mr. Right” means, so we went about it again this morning after brushing teeth and peering in the mirror the way only a self-content-five-year-old can . . . I told Ethan [again] that someday he’ll find a nice girl and want to get married to her. HE will be her Mr. Right. He seemed to get it and we chatted a bit about how she would be “Mrs. Right” for him.

Then he said, “And you’ll be my old mom, right?”

I replied, “Yeah, but I won’t be that old!”

He didn’t catch the fact that I was still stinging by the “old” comment and went on to say very honestly, “But, Mom, I don’t want to move away from you.”

 Awww . . .

I figure that makes us even; one OLD comment for one truly honest and heart-felt comment about how much he loves living with me. While I know he’ll change his mind eventually, for now I’m lovin’ the fact that Ethan is lovin’ living with his old mom

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Last night I attended a meeting hosted by the Frisco SAGE (Special and Gifted Education) PTA committee at Riddle Elementary. The meeting was a great success, with lots of attendees, and I learned all sorts of great stuff from the wonderful Judy Haven.

It was also my pleasure to speak briefly about the social stories and social storybooks I routinely create for Ethan. Since we found that the books are a powerful tool for Ethan, I have pounded them out and we now have many in our arsenal! Our latest book was generated after Ethan continued to have issues (sometimes 3-4 times a week) with keeping his hands to himself throughout the day in Kindergarten . . . i.e. not pushing, poking, hitting, etc., even if our friends aren’t following directions. So, My Hands, is the newest creation which is being utilized at both home and school. This book, along with many other of our books and my published children’s book: All Better: A Touch-and-Heal Book, were passed around for attendees to look through.

After speaking I was approached by some AMAZING parents and I must admit that I absolutely LOVE that part about speaking at meetings like this. Whatever our children’s challenges are, it is always a boost to meet others who are searching for answers and working diligently to improve his/her child’s life and schooling. I’d love to hear from anyone I met last night, or others who happen to drop by my blog after reading Heather Brown’s SAGE Newsflash; please leave me a comment!

Kudos to Amy Mendel, Heather Brown and Judy Haven for putting on such a helpful meeting. Judy’s notes/suggestions were fantastic! Thanks so much, Ladies.

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