19  Nov

Every year, right about now, it becomes very evident (and quite pertinent,) to me just how blessed we are in life. This year is no different, but it came to me in a different fashion this week.

Bear with me…Yesterday after running errands, I had to make several trips into the house and back to the car. During that time, our chocolate lab, Kuma, trotted outside and sniffed around like she usually does. This is our routine. Thinking she had already gone in, as she generally does, I came back in the house and worked for a couple of hours before leaving to pick up Ethan from school. Without realizing it, I had locked our sweet, spoiled dog out of the house without her collar on hours earlier. This, however, did not hit me until I left to pick Ethan up from school and leave for a doctor’s appointment in Plano. Yikes!

I couldn’t find her and the horror of what I had done hit me hard.

For hours we did not know where Kuma was. One of our neighbors quickly sent out an e-mail to other neighbors and allowed her kids to go on the hunt for Kuma while Ethan and I went to our appointment. Note: Herein lies my “I am so blessed” realization #1! How nice is it to know that I can pick up the phone, call a neighbor/friend to ask her to keep an eye out, and hear later about how they jumped into action? I am so thankful!

 When Ethan and I got home, and Greg had been searching for an hour and a half, I quickly made some flyers and hit the street to knock on doors. No one had seen her but we already had MANY kind people watching for Kuma.

I went to bed hours later with dread in my belly. Ethan did, too, apparently. He awoke very upset in the middle of the night and came running to our bed. Only at breakfast did I find out that Ethan had dreamed that Kuma was hit by a car and killed. That was my worst fear, too, but no six year old should have to endure such dreams.

By mid-morning we had news that some wonderfully kind neighbors near the elementary school had found Kuma yesterday afternoon during a walk in the park with their dog. Since she was collar-less and ultra-friendly, (and because she followed them back to their front door,) they let her come in and stay the night. She was warm and well-fed last night and I am so thankful!

These people, who didn’t know us, nor have they ever met our dog, took her in when they were battling their seven-month-old’s first ear infection with a 102 degree fever. Since animal control said that they would take her but could only keep her for three days, these generous neighbors believed that Kuma deserved more and were planning to keep her as long as necessary to find her real home. They were working on a flyer themselves when Greg contacted them this morning! Again, I am so thankful.

Ethan and I often listen to Jack Johnson in the car, and one of the songs we sing along with regularly lately has a refrain of “Where have all the good people gone…?”

I can tell you, there is a whole family of “good people” living on Seguin, (just a street behind us) and two more really “good people” live on the corner of Honey Grove and Yoakum Drive in Frisco, Texas.

                                                                    I AM THANKFUL!


                                                           This is our “pretty girl, Kuma.”

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17  Nov
Lost Another

Well, this makes four…lost teeth, that is!

Ethan’s Lost Front Tooth

Three on the bottom; this is the first on the top.

Ethan’s Lost Front Tooth

Can you tell he was excited? Ethan put his tooth in his little rocket pewter tooth holder and the Tooth Fairy left a generous $2 for him overnight. He was thrilled!

Lost Tooth

Ethan’s little mouth is full of holes (or “windows,” as he used to call them) and it won’t be long before he loses his remaining front top tooth!

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…the Backyardigans!


Saturday found us in good company at the Live Theater version of the Backyardigans “Tale of the Mighty Knights” at Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie. Our good friends, the Lugrand Family, gave Ethan tickets (for all three of us) for his 6th birthday. What a truly generous gift and what fun it was!

Ethan & Isaac

Simply watching the boys was pure joy. Ethan was 100% focused and knew every detail of what was happening and what each character was doing. Isaac on the other hand–enjoyed the music with total abandon! He’s got the rhythm! What a riot he is.

Ethan & Isaac

I. Loved. Watching. Him. Dance. That kid has moves! And, he was such a lovie, too. I got countless kisses throughout the event. Ahhhh, the joy!

Ethan & Isaac

As is obvious from the picture above, the kids had a super time. The grownups did, as well. In fact, it was Kent’s birthday and we were “in” on a surprise dinner arrival from 4 of his brothers and sisters! What a fun day! Thank you, Lugrand Family!

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09  Nov
Shades of Ethan

I must say that LifeTouch did a good job with Ethan’s school portraits this fall; I think he looks pretty darn cute in his Kindergarten picture!

Ethan’s Kindergarten Fall Portrait

Ethan’s Kindergarten Fall Portrait

Ethan’s Kindergarten Fall Portrait

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04  Nov
50th Day of School

In honor of the 50th day of Kindergarten, Ethan dressed as a true 50’s kiddo!

 Ethan on 50th day of Kindergarten     Ethan on 50th day of Kindergarten     Ethan on 50th day of Kindergarten

He looks pretty handsome in his rolled blue jeans and plain white T-shirt.

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Greg’s mom, Joanne, is celebrating her 80th birthday today. She also got to celebrate it with friends and family on Sunday. We held a surprise birthday party for her at her church. She was surprised and thoroughly pleased!

Grandma & Grandpa on Nov 2, 2008

Joanne at Surprise party

Ethan was precious; he gave hugs after the initial SURPRISE and took Grandma by the hand and led her to the big birthday cake to show her it had her favorite color–purple!

Ethan & Brooke with Gma & Gpa

Ethan w/Birthday Cake

The day was a success and while I think we wore Grandma out, she was very pleased to have all of her sons in town for her special day.

Grandma with four sons

Wilcox Family

We were all thrilled to celebrate with her! Happy, happy birthday, Grandma, on this 2008 Election Day!

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Ethan dressed as WALL-E for Halloween this year.

Ethan in Wall-E Costume

Since he has been sugar-free for almost a year now, we didn’t do the neighborhood trick-or-treat ritual this year. Instead, we visited Fire Station #5, our local fire station to see the men there.

Ethan with Fire Clown at Fire Station #5

Then we came home to pass out pencils, stickers, rings and finger-puppets to all of our neighborhood friends who dropped by.

Ethan in Wall-E Mask

The weather was gorgous! We sat on the porch to hand out our “treats” and Ethan ran around the yard and greeted the coming ghouls and gobblins . . . at times with a little too much exhuberance! There were a few times that Ethan put his ghost finger puppets right into kids’ faces as he howled in a very ghostly fashion, all while the kids were patiently trying to make their way to our porch; all very Aspie moments . . . we had to spell out to Ethan that while it was exciting to share the finger puppets, most people don’t want his ghost-fingers two inches in front of their faces!

Ethan & Leigh

I can say with certainty, this kid had FUN on Halloween!

Ethan in Wall-E Mask acting silly

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04  Nov

Last week, Ethan turned six. I guess I’m still in disbelief . . . almost a full week and I’m finally getting around to posting some tidbits about and photos from his special day (and party).

Well, WALL-E was the theme for the year. The Disney/Pixar movie came out in July and quickly became one of E’s favs! So, he received numerous gifts related to WALL-E and we had lots of fun preparing favor bags filled with great WALL-E goodies.

Ethan with birthday party gifts

His favorite gift, by far, was the remote controlled Wall-E robot from Mommy & Daddy:

Ethan with Wall-E robot

This kid loves his cake! While the cake itself was 100% sugar-free, the topping was a bit more of a challenge, so Ethan got to enjoy slightly-sweetened whipped cream on top of his birthday cake this year. What a good kid; he was thrilled with it.

Ethan enjoying birthday cake!

On his actual birthday, we enjoyed a class party with his friends in Kindergaten at school, dinner out with Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox and more presents!

In the classroom:

Ethan in Kinder on 6th Birthday

Wearing one of his WALL-E gifts from Mommy and Daddy:

Ethan wearing Wall-E Raincoat present

 Mommy & Ethan cuddling to read birthday cards together:

Ethan & Mommy

So bitter-sweet…This kid is growing up so fast!

Happy Sixth Birthday to sweet Ethan. I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring for him; he’s doing so well and making such progress lately.

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You know the classic Nursery Rhyme, right?



Baker’s Man…

 Well, for the Nursery Rhyme and Fairy Tale Ball at Ethan’s school last week, he chose to be the Baker’s Man. We lingered on several choices as we did our fun research of reading through the classics, and I honestly thought he was going to be Old King Cole, for a few days. After selecting his character, though–Ethan stuck with it…

Ethan in costume as The Baker’s Man

Ethan in costume as The Baker’s Man close up

…and he looked adorable! He was the only Baker’s Man among many a princess, and countless knights and kings. Even the Principal dressed up for the event; hooray for Snow White!

The Ball itself was a lot of fun; the kids ate royal snacks (fruit, cheese & crackers) and danced to fun tunes. The teachers all danced with the kids and helped to make some really special memories. (The Ball was made possible by a few dedicated Kindergarten moms who worked for a few weeks to get everything prepared and several hours the day of the Ball to turn the elementary school cafe into a regal destination!)

Ethan and Josh in front of the Castle

There were some pretty cute non-scary costumes . . . on some pretty sweet kiddos!

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