27  Aug
Back 2 School

How can time pass so quickly? It seems like not so long ago it broke my heart and made it swell with pride at the same time that I was dropping Ethan off for Friday Mother’s Day Out at our church. Now, he has successfully launched himself into First Grade, with only a quick, but sweet, glance back.

When preparing all of his school supplies the night before the big first day, Ethan asked if I could put napkin notes in his lunch again this year. Needless to say, I was touched. Of course I will put napkin notes in his lunches again! Then, on the second day of school after walking to campus through our neighborhood, we approached the school’s entrance and Ethan said, “It’s okay, Mom, I can go in by myself.” GULP! With a smile, a kiss and a hug, I sent him on his merry way but stayed to watch him dance along into the school. My heart nearly exploded when he stopped after the first glass door and turned to look at me. What could be better than sending off a flying kiss and receiving one back from a bright-eyed and happy boy with a super-sweet-first-grade-smile? Not much of anything can even compare.

I’m proud of my little guy. I know that he’s ready and confident. He is in good, kind, capable hands with the school’s staff.  With all my heart, and only a few tears, I wish him only the best in his First Grade Endeavors!

Ethan on the 1st day of 1st grade!

Ethan on the 1st day of 1st grade!

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