I have a good friend, Lindsey, who jokingly calls me “famous” every time we see one another. While Lindsey’s attitude about my having published a children’s book is quite flattering, I am far from famous, but get a good chuckle out of her moiniker for me every time. However, every now and then, something happens with my young fans and I truly am made to feel famous…

Last night at the fantastic annual fundraiser for Ethan’s school, which boasts a phenomenal Silent Auction, a signed copy of my book All Better: A Touch and Heal Book, was auctioned. After the bidding had closed, my friend (Adrienne’s) daughter (one of Ethan’s classmates) realized that they were out bid by another family. Sweet little Charlie was, according to Adrienne, “heart-broken.” So Adrienne, who was dutifully manning a volunteer station, asked if she could buy a copy from me as soon as possible. Who wants to see a sweet six-year-old suffer? Of course I was happy to oblige and told her we’d coordinate over the weekend to make it happen.

All Better: A Touch-and-Heal Book

All Better: A Touch-and-Heal Book

A few minutes later I ran into Charlie who was not far away enjoying the event with her dad. She looked at me with the sweetest, saddest puppy-dog eyes I’ve ever seen and said, “Mrs. Wilcox, we didn’t win your book.” I got down on eye level with her (she’s a petite little cutie,) and told her that Adrienne and I already made plans for me to bring her a book over the weekend. Not only did I get a hug, but I got a jump-into-my-arms-and-squeal-with-delight kind of hug! You just can’t beat that.

Sweet Charlie sure knows how to make me feel famous! I’ve been basking in the glow ever since.

Remember folks, if you’re local (in the DFW area,) I try to keep a small stock on hand to sell so please let me know if you need a copy for your kids, nieces, nephews, friends’ kids, etc. I even have lots of friends buy it to include with new baby or baby shower gifts!

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