Photo of Red Velvet GF cupcake from Sprinkles

Photo of Red Velvet GF cupcake from Sprinkles

Check out my article for the spring issue of Thrive Magazine here. The article discusses why so many people are gluten-free these days and how the diet is helping a few subcategories of special needs kids. Let me know that you think!

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While I haven’t made the progress I would’ve liked regarding utilizing new, healthy GFCF recipes, I have tried a few new things and wanted to share that I have modified my mom’s (and Grammy’s) Buttermilk Cornbread recipe with great success!

Gluten-free Casein-free (Mock Buttermilk) Cornbread

2 cups GF Cornmeal

2 cups Hempmilk w/ 1-2 tbs GF vinegar

1/2 cup ground Salba seeds

2 eggs

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Soda

(Note: Feel free to experiment with more or less Salba. Salba is a wonderful source of fiber and Omega-3s!)

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk. If mixture is dry, add additional Hempmilk until thick but very moist. Oil pan and bake 20-25 minutes. 425 degrees if in Pyrex, 450 degrees if in metal pan.

Greg and Ethan both raved about the results both times I’ve baked it this way. Greg complimented, “This is restaurant quality!”


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”]”][A view of my new corner desk, hutch and lateral file]


Well, it was long overdue, but this week my home office got a make-over! I had been using mis-matched pieces of furniture from throughout my years in college and as a young adult. My workspace (which doubles as a guest bedroom) was a mess and had I outgrown everything except for the nice green walls (which I continue to adore!)


With the sleek, new desk, hutch & file I plan to reorganize myself and my writing. I’m also working on a new book project so I hope that having a more “official” feeling office will help me stay motivated and productive.


[Lateral file and Magazine Rack for my Mags with Clips]

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Many of you know that Ethan and I eat a strictly Gluten-Free diet. We were thrilled to hear about the expansion of the P. F. Chang’s China Bistro Gluten-Free Menu last week so we headed on out to give some of the new dishes a try. Please click on over to the Dallas Moms Blog to read about our experience.

Ethan with the grand horse at P. F. Chang's China Bistro

Ethan with the grand horse at P. F. Chang's China Bistro

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Check out my post today about “sensory-friendly” films on the Dallas Moms Blog. Some really great folks are making these screenings possible for special needs families in our area.

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The Dallas Museum of Art is offering a special event for families living with Autism in honor of Autism Awareness Month (April.) Hearing about the event prompted me to write a bit about how difficult it can be to go into public places when your child is difficult to handle and how nice it is when places, like the DMA, recognize this on-going challenge many parents face. Whether you click and read to “hear” about our struggles or to learn more about the event, I hope you’ll enjoy. And, I hope you’ll leave a quick comment so we’ll know you stopped by.

Click here to read my post about DMA’s Autism Awareness Day Family Celebration on the Dallas Moms Blog.

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

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