So, Dear Readers, I typically try to share my posts on the Dallas Moms Blog right after they go up…alas, I have failed yet again. However, I do believe that late, is better than not at all, so here you go!

The Horse Boy is a phenomenal new documentary about the unorthodox treatment one Texas family seeks out to help heal their son with Autism. Worth a read (my post, that is) and worth a watch! If you missed it on PBS, so sorry. It is totally worth trying to find elsewhere!

The Horse Boy - PBS Documentary

The Horse Boy - PBS Documentary

StoryCorps offered a very cool video clip of a young man, Joshua Littman, interviewing his mother, Sarah, and then shared it in honor of Mother’s Day. Though Mother’s Day has passed, I think you’ll like the clip anyway. Click on over to my post and take a peek!

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