The super-smart Second-graders at Friendship Elementary School in Keller were stellar audience members today when I presented at their annual Career Day. It was my pleasure to spend time with each class (6 sections) to share what being an “Author” is really like. The Counselor at the school, Jennifer Cowen, and I used to teach together in Grand Prairie at Bowie Elementary. Mrs. Cowen worked very hard to make this Career Day at Friendship absolutely fantastic!

Leigh Wilcox & Jennifer Cowen

Leigh Wilcox & Jennifer Cowen

Since I used to teach kids this age, it was so much fun to spend time with the kids and answer lots of thoughtful questions. I shared a little bit about being a picture book author, but also introduced the students to what “Freelance Writing” is. Showing magazine articles in print and online seemed to interest them and when I told them that they would be the focus of my next blog–they were very excited!

Ms. Hames Class listens in as I talk about All Better

Ms. Hames' Class listens in as I talk about All Better


The kids asked some great questions today. What a smart and well-behaved group of students! One smart girl, Amberlee in Ms. Roberts’ class, asked me how a student can ask an author to read their work. Amberlee loves to write! I gave her some tips about how to work with her mom, dad or teacher to send me an email through my website. She promised she would send me a sample of her writing to get my feedback…I’m going to be watching my Inbox for it!

Mrs. Wilcox with Amberlee at Friendship Elem.

Mrs. Wilcox with Amberlee at Friendship Elem.


During my last presentation, Hannah in Ms. Gilley’s class, asked me a question that made me smile! Hannah asked, “Are you rich and famous?” She went on to ask if everywhere I go people scream out my name and try to touch my clothes and tear off pieces to keep! Since I am neither rich, nor famous, I shared with Hannah that it is rare that anyone even recognizes me as an Author or Writer when I’m out and about; I’m just an ordinary mom, much like the other moms Hannah and Amberlee might see in carpool, at gymnastics or at a soccer game.

Mrs. Wilcox & Hannah at Friendship Elem.

Mrs. Wilcox & Hannah at Friendship Elem.


The students at Friendship Elementary were excited to hear that I would be “blogging” (really just writing and sharing) about them today. Many took the bookmarks I shared (with my web address) and told me they had plans to visit this weekend with their parents to leave a comment.

So, to my new friends at Friendship Elementary: What did you think? Would you like to be an author or a freelance writer someday? What did you like most about Career Day? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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  1. Hema P. Says:

    How cool is that! What a wonderful session — I can almost picture it!

    I loved that the little ones were so receptive of your profession (and how pragmatic already to be asking how she can get her work read by an author at that age!!). Good one, Leigh!

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