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Recently, I was asked to design some written expression to accompany a video montage being created about how the Frisco ISD SAGE PTA committee is empowering teachers and parents, and touching the lives of very unique children. SAGE=Special and Gifted Education. This PTA committee is made up of dedicated parents, teachers, administrators and support staff who are working to make sure that these two sub-populations of children receive recognition and representation through campus and district PTA committees!

While the video montage turned out wonderfully (very heartfelt and touching), the producer and I couldn’t seem to find a way to get the words to sync with the lovely photos and chosen music selections. So, the “poem” I wrote will now be used on the FISD SAGE website (instead of in the video), but I also wanted to share it here, with all of my dedicated readers. Hope you enjoy:


By Leigh Attaway Wilcox


Some children come to learning and the experience of school with ease…others simply do not.

Some children effortlessly breeze through school days, extra-curricular activities and daily routines with no worries or concerns…others simply do not.

Some children need very little extra attention or specialized instruction…others need a great deal of added attention and individualized instruction in order to succeed.

Some children get exactly what they need in the general education classroom without modifications, accommodations or extensions and added challenges…others require altered curriculum and supportive supplemental staff to thrive.

Some children go entire school years without exhibiting challenging behaviors…others have challenging behaviors weekly, daily, or at times hourly; but only because they need us more than some children.


These others are the special and gifted students, the diverse learners in our lives who require extra dedication, patience and attention, far beyond that which typical students may need.

These others work harder at school and home life than many of us will ever fully comprehend; yet they do it with sweet smiles, with humongous hugs, with infectious hope, joy and love.

These others may melt-down and show us that they have limits which must be considered and respected, but they manage to inspire us beyond measure with surprising fortitude in the following moments…hours…days…and weeks.

These others thrive when we work together to provide the ideal individualized, diverse learning environment to suit their special needs. Don’t all kids deserve to thrive?

These others are the students who—out of all the children’s lives we touch—impact us the most when we are able to successfully facilitate their growth and progress!


Our dedication to these others comes at a steep price at times, in terms of the emotions and time we expend, yet the rewards these others provide to us in return through their utterly individual, special and gifted ways, is enough to make our hearts soar and our souls smile!


Thanks to the Frisco educators: the general education staff; the special education staff; the administration; and the support staff who make these others a positive priority in Frisco ISD classrooms and schools.


Thanks to all the Frisco parents and family members of these others: family members who work tirelessly to collaborate with educators to ensure that these others—our precious children, adolescents and young adults—are fully equipped and supported in ways which will ensure their successes at school, at home and in society.


Here’s to working together…truly collaborating through SAGE…in order to help our diverse learners THRIVE in Frisco ISD!


About the Author: Leigh Attaway Wilcox is a Frisco SAGE Member, Local Author and Mother to Ethan Wilcox (who is considered both “special” and “gifted” in Frisco ISD.)


Note: Please consider Copyright Laws! This poem may not be used or reproduced, in part or whole, without express permission from the author. To contact Mrs. Wilcox for permissions, please visit her website (www.leighattawaywilcox.com) and send her an e-mail: leigh@leighattawaywilcox.com.

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