Exciting news!
I have been asked to be a guest on The Sociable Homeschooler internet radio show this coming Friday, Jan 31st at Noon CST. I’m thrilled to get to participate in Vivienne McNeny’s 206th show! Vivienne is going to ask me about our decision to pull Ethan from public school and how homeschooling a “2e” child works for us (2e=Twice Exceptional, meaning Ethan lives with Asperger’s Syndrome and is also considered Gifted & Talented).
We’re also going to talk about my writing (especially my published Children’s Book – ALL BETTER) and even plan to talk about how we incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into our lives. That’s a lot for a 1-hour radio show! Vivienne has already said, “…yes you may have to come back!” I’m looking very much forward to participating and feel quite honored to spend time with the gracious Vivienne!
So, Dear Readers, I wonder…will you listen in? I hope so! Here’s a link to the radio show site: http://toginet.com/shows/thesociablehomeschooler.

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Great news! Even though my book  ALL BETTER: A Touch-and-Heal Book is out of print in hardcover edition, thanks to Moving Picture Books it is now available for digital download for just 99 cents. It is easy to download for viewing on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch (or on your Mac or PC, too)! 

Additionally, it is offered as part of a DVD called “Silly Discoveries” for $12.99.

Have fun watching your little ones help Puppy and his friends  feel “All Better!”

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The super-smart Second-graders at Friendship Elementary School in Keller were stellar audience members today when I presented at their annual Career Day. It was my pleasure to spend time with each class (6 sections) to share what being an “Author” is really like. The Counselor at the school, Jennifer Cowen, and I used to teach together in Grand Prairie at Bowie Elementary. Mrs. Cowen worked very hard to make this Career Day at Friendship absolutely fantastic!

Leigh Wilcox & Jennifer Cowen

Leigh Wilcox & Jennifer Cowen

Since I used to teach kids this age, it was so much fun to spend time with the kids and answer lots of thoughtful questions. I shared a little bit about being a picture book author, but also introduced the students to what “Freelance Writing” is. Showing magazine articles in print and online seemed to interest them and when I told them that they would be the focus of my next blog–they were very excited!

Ms. Hames Class listens in as I talk about All Better

Ms. Hames' Class listens in as I talk about All Better


The kids asked some great questions today. What a smart and well-behaved group of students! One smart girl, Amberlee in Ms. Roberts’ class, asked me how a student can ask an author to read their work. Amberlee loves to write! I gave her some tips about how to work with her mom, dad or teacher to send me an email through my website. She promised she would send me a sample of her writing to get my feedback…I’m going to be watching my Inbox for it!

Mrs. Wilcox with Amberlee at Friendship Elem.

Mrs. Wilcox with Amberlee at Friendship Elem.


During my last presentation, Hannah in Ms. Gilley’s class, asked me a question that made me smile! Hannah asked, “Are you rich and famous?” She went on to ask if everywhere I go people scream out my name and try to touch my clothes and tear off pieces to keep! Since I am neither rich, nor famous, I shared with Hannah that it is rare that anyone even recognizes me as an Author or Writer when I’m out and about; I’m just an ordinary mom, much like the other moms Hannah and Amberlee might see in carpool, at gymnastics or at a soccer game.

Mrs. Wilcox & Hannah at Friendship Elem.

Mrs. Wilcox & Hannah at Friendship Elem.


The students at Friendship Elementary were excited to hear that I would be “blogging” (really just writing and sharing) about them today. Many took the bookmarks I shared (with my web address) and told me they had plans to visit this weekend with their parents to leave a comment.

So, to my new friends at Friendship Elementary: What did you think? Would you like to be an author or a freelance writer someday? What did you like most about Career Day? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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I have a good friend, Lindsey, who jokingly calls me “famous” every time we see one another. While Lindsey’s attitude about my having published a children’s book is quite flattering, I am far from famous, but get a good chuckle out of her moiniker for me every time. However, every now and then, something happens with my young fans and I truly am made to feel famous…

Last night at the fantastic annual fundraiser for Ethan’s school, which boasts a phenomenal Silent Auction, a signed copy of my book All Better: A Touch and Heal Book, was auctioned. After the bidding had closed, my friend (Adrienne’s) daughter (one of Ethan’s classmates) realized that they were out bid by another family. Sweet little Charlie was, according to Adrienne, “heart-broken.” So Adrienne, who was dutifully manning a volunteer station, asked if she could buy a copy from me as soon as possible. Who wants to see a sweet six-year-old suffer? Of course I was happy to oblige and told her we’d coordinate over the weekend to make it happen.

All Better: A Touch-and-Heal Book

All Better: A Touch-and-Heal Book

A few minutes later I ran into Charlie who was not far away enjoying the event with her dad. She looked at me with the sweetest, saddest puppy-dog eyes I’ve ever seen and said, “Mrs. Wilcox, we didn’t win your book.” I got down on eye level with her (she’s a petite little cutie,) and told her that Adrienne and I already made plans for me to bring her a book over the weekend. Not only did I get a hug, but I got a jump-into-my-arms-and-squeal-with-delight kind of hug! You just can’t beat that.

Sweet Charlie sure knows how to make me feel famous! I’ve been basking in the glow ever since.

Remember folks, if you’re local (in the DFW area,) I try to keep a small stock on hand to sell so please let me know if you need a copy for your kids, nieces, nephews, friends’ kids, etc. I even have lots of friends buy it to include with new baby or baby shower gifts!

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I’ll be reading ALL BETTER on Saturday, May 3rd, at Frisco’s independent bookseller–The Bookworm. If you can join us at 10:30 am for Story Time, I’d love to see you there. I’ll also get to read another story or two by other fantastic authors while there.

Please feel free to pass this along to any other friends/family you may have in the Frisco area!

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02  Mar
Temple Grandin!

Thursday night, I made a road trip down to Huntsville to attend Sam Houston’s 5th Annual Student Council for Exception Children Conference: Meeting the Needs of All Learners, which was held on Friday, Feb. 29th–Leap Day. Simply getting to hear Dr. Temple Grandin [arguably the *most* well-known and outspoken Aspie alive] speak, combined with the reasonable cost of the event, I just could not pass up this opportunity.

The conference was well done and Dr. Grandin was a great keynote speaker. I was thoroughly impressed. She made a point of stating that we as ASD parents and educators need to draw the line between simply rude behaviors (think laughing at a fat person in the grocery store) and those truly caused by issues with AS (think sensory issues which drive a child over-the-top.) It was empowering and helped me to know that we are on the right path with our precious boy. While we don’t let Ethan get away with being a rude little $#!^, we also understand when he cannot handle certain things and do all that we can to help him cope. It is a delicate balance, but we’re constantly learning and currently maintaining.

I now have two titles, written and personally inscribed by Dr. Grandin, in my ever-growing ASD library!

A bonus: The wonderful Sam Houston SCEC chapter President and Conference Co-Director, James Williams–a young man living with AS himself, kindly offered me the opportunity to donate a couple copies of ALL BETTER which were used as door prizes. I received good feedback from a few attendees about the book and felt honored to support this conference!

Thank you James and the SCEC for such a fantastic opportunity and for hosting such a great conference.

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Another school visit in Frisco is on my calendar! The Kindergarten classes at Boals Elementary and I will be enjoying ALL BETTER together on Monday, April 7th.

The Boals librarian, Nancy, is excited about the visit and will be facilitating sending pre-orders home with the kids in March. I’d love to have another really successful order of books (like at Memorial Baptist’s CDO!) 

My sincere thanks go out to Melissa Howell for generously purchasing a copy of ALL BETTER last fall for the Boals library (where her wonderful son–Luke–attends school.) Big thanks, Melissa, making the introduction of ALL BETTER to Boals Elementary!

I’m looking forward to meeting Nancy and the wonderful kids & staff at Boals.

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My very 1st public book signing for ALL BETTER went very well yesterday with a constant stream of friends and family and a few random B & N visitors making for a complete sell out! Simply can’t beat that. Not only did we sell out, but the last two customers (my dear friends and writing colleagues Jiaan and Bonnie,) were *fighting* over the last two books. (They each wanted two copies a piece!) Don’t forget, Ladies, I’m “hooked up” with the publisher . . .

Sincere thanks to all of my amazing friends, family and colleagues who took the time to come see me at Barnes & Noble seated next to the cool poster advertising ALL BETTER and the event, (which will be framed and hanging in my office soon!) Oh, my Mom & Dad will be getting a poster in the mail soon, too, to hang at their place in NM! Big thanks to Creekwalk Village B & N’s wonderful Julie Rummel-Hudson who coordinated the event, too.

Following the signing, Greg, Ethan and I went to our favorite restaurant in Plano (Laura’s Bistro) with two of my Serendipity Sisters (critique group members, Linda & Diane,) and some of their sweet family members, for some tasty Gluten-Free foods and treats. (We all missed Sister #4–Becky–who is in Houston with her family.)

For a quick peek of me signing copies with a super-special and absolutely adorable visitor on Saturday, check out my friend and colleague–Tessa’s–blog entry from yesterday: Pardon Our Poo.

Many, many sincere thanks to everyone who made this event a memorable success. I feel truly blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me!


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My very first, formal ALL BETTER book signing at Barnes & Noble is just a few days away! It has been amazing to see how the community has supported getting the word out about this fun “1st time” event. Check out these fantastic sites listing event information for their readers about *my* signing:

 Dallas/Fort Worth Go City Kids

Frisco Online Calendar of Events for Kids

DallasChild Magazine Blog

Also, Matt Lafata’s next extensive Frisco newsletter [which should come out tomorrow] will highlight the event. Check out Matt’s site.

Last, but certainly not least, look at *my* Author Event information page at the Barnes & Noble site!

If you’re in the area on Saturday, February 9th, please drop in and say hello. I’ll be at the Creekwalk Village Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 801 W. 15th Street, in Plano, TX from noon to 2pm. It will be nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new kids & families.

All Best,


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Reading to the precious kids at Grapevine’s Memorial Baptist’s Children’s Day Out Preschool was absolutely wonderful! The kids were well-behaved and adorable; the teachers were welcoming and kind and the school itself is beautiful!

I felt a bit like a celebrity when several of the classes gathered around me after my final reading for pictures with “the author.” It was obvious that some students strategically positioned themselves next to me for the opportunity to dig right into the book and personally move the bandages around post-flash, just before their teachers made them line up . . . other students made my day by deliberately coming close to give me a hug before leaving the room. What a joy it is to read to such sweet, innocent and appreciative children!

 Not only did I have the pleasure of reading my book twice, (first to a group of two and three year olds–second to a group of four and five year olds,) but I also received 26 book orders! Twenty-six!!! I was thrilled–scratch that–I AM thrilled. (When I left Frisco that morning with my remaining stock of 15 books, I figured that if I sold 10 I would be pleased . . . twenty-six orders honestly knocked my socks off.) Now I eagerly await the delivery of my next box of ALL BETTER books (which should be en route as we speak) so that I can finish signing copies and deliver them. And, while I’m there, I’m hoping to get a glimpse of a picture or two taken during my super-star author photo session with the cuties from the CDO.



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